Two dogs, one a bulldog and one a yorkie terrier, wearing feminine clothes in a stylized art-style.
A digital painting of a fried egg on a plate.
A digital painting of a cat-like creature wearing a large coat.


The GOAT of Digital Artwork

Who is Sony-Shock?

Sony-Shock describes themselves as a "USA-based Spanish artist who loves food" who is "focused on cartoony, colorful illustration" as per their official carrd.
Their style features stylized cartoons that are mostly comprised of commissioned work of other people's characters. Along with that, they also have a youtube channel in which they feature speedpaints (or, sped-up videos of themselves drawing digitally) of their commissioned work.
Sony-Shock is also a contracted artist for the successful video game The Binding of Isaac and it's side-projects.

What makes Sony-Shock the GOAT?

From a Fan's Perspective

What pops out the most from an onlooker's perspective in Sony-Shock's work is their bright colors and the cartoonish features of their characters. Someone would be able to describe Sony-Shock's Artwork as "soft", "warm", and "cute." This is all true! Anyone who looks at Sony-Shock's pieces would be immediately transfixed by the use of bright colors paired with soft appearances as featured by their style.

From an Artist's Perspective

Anyone can see why Sony-Shock's artwork looks so pleasing, but their work gets exponentially more impressive while looking at it from an artist's point of view. Sony-Shock has been able to showcase an impression that they are extremely well-learned when it comes to drawing from real life. This isn't immediately clear to an onlooker without artistic experience, but Sony-Shock's expertise is exceptionally clear when an artist views their work. You can tell from the way that they handle their cartoonish anatomy and the vibrancy of colors, down to the folds in the clothing, that Sony-Shock is not afraid of using references and studying from the real world in order to get their desired results.