Who Am I?

I'm Lucas Padgett, an aspiring junior software developer from Sardis, MS. I am a student from the Base Camp Coding Academy Graduate Institute, and there I have been recognized for my driven effort, team-building and leadership skills, and volunteer work with peer mentoring and lecturing.

At the Base Camp Coding Academy Graduate Institute, I have founded the Mentoring and Tutoring Leadership Team, a team where students work together with the instructors and directors to fulfill a shared goal of providing extra opportunities for practice and supplementary lectures for our peers. This valuable opportunity has provided for me essential skills that are geared towards uplifting colleagues and utilizing our strengths in their best form to provide excellent mentorship.



thumbnail of cookbook project

Shopping List Generator
Python program that generates a Shopping list based on a predetermined selection of recipes. Emphasis on scalability and user-accessibility.

thumbnail of adventure game project

Adventure Game
Python program utilizing OOP about an escape room game. Emphasis on user-accessibility and program durability.

thumbnail of webpage project

First webpage that features my favorite online artist. Emphasis on responsive webpage design.

thumbnail of webpage project

Tire Inventory Tracker
Inventory tracker system with staff of tire shops as the end-user. Uses user authentication, relational database models, and invoice/outvoice systems.

thumbnail of webpage project

Django project where users can commission artists from their shops. Uses user authentication and relational database models.

‚úČ lucdickerson@gmail.com!